Wednesday, April 28, 2010


From TALES OF POWER: "I told Don Juan that his explanation did not satisfy my senses, although I was in complete intellectual agreement with it." "That's the flaw with words," he said in a reassuring tone, "They always force us to feel enlightened, and we end up facing the world as we always have, without enlightenment...Whenever the dialogue stops...extraordinary facets of ourselves surface as though they had been heavily guarded b our words."

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Inscribed on The Believing Mind."

"The Perfect Way knows no difficulties
Except that It refuses all preference.

If you would see the Perfect Way manifest
Take no thought either for or against It.
To oppose what you like and what you dislike,
That is the malady of the mind.

Do not try to find the truth,
Merely cease to cherish opinions,
Tarry not in dualism.

As soon as you have good and evil
Confusion follows and the mind is lost.

When the unique mind is undisturbed
The ten thousand things cannot offend it.

When no discrimination is made between this and that
How can a biased and prejudiced vision arise?

Let go, leave things as they may be.

If you wish to follow the path of the One Vehicle
Have no prejudiced against the six senses.

Whereas in the Dharma itself there is no individuation
The ignorant attach themselves to particular objects.

The enlightened have no likes and dislikes.

Gain and loss, right and wrong,
Away with them once and for all!

Everything is void, lucid, and self-illuminating
There is no strain, no effort, no wastage of energy.
To this region thought never attains.

In not being two all is the same.
All that exists is comprehended therein.

It matters not how thing are conditioned,
Whether by 'being' or by 'not being.'

That which is is the same as that which is not.
That which is not is the same as that which is.

If only this is realized,
You need not worry about not being perfect.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Divine Oneness

My physiology is not opposed to my mentality but rather is integral to it. It is able-bodied identity to be studied, trained, controlled, and made helpful in my subjective wholeness, a mental condition rather than an objective locality.  This life orientation exalted and held steadily in mind invigorates my wholeness, continuing its ideality into the subsoil of my visceral subjectivity.  Thus the wording of my idea does not stop at poetic imagery but unites it with the scientific discovery that all identity must be self-identity.  It is vivifying to see the modern scientist finding his long sought self-sameness at last in mathematics, or in another less obscure form of metaphysics.  The scientific idealist can make manifest the psychic in every discipline or interest, the idenity in thought and thew, the divine oneness in pain and pleasure, harm and help, or bad and good.
(The Psychic Nature of Physiology, Dr. John M. Dorsey, M.D., page 22-23)

Friday, April 2, 2010

March-April Newsletter is ready

Friends - once again the Institute of Scientific Metaphysics printed an article of mine, entitled, "You Should Live to See This."  I have published it on my website.  Rob