Friday, July 17, 2009


You might be interested to hear that my article on Love was accepted and published by the IMS in their latest newsletter. The title is "Silly" and so is the article. You will find it on my web-site.

I was snipped

Hanging by a very thin thread, I was maintaining a connection with the officialdom calling itself "Divine Science." This last little bit of old hope in me manifested as my web-site address included in a list on the Wikipedia page entitled: Divine Science. I had inserted it into the wiki page in the hope that it might catch some recognition and prove to be a door into association with others of like mind. Recent inspirations led me to revise my web-site and so I thought I should update my link with Wikipedia. But I found I had been edited out. My thread had been snipped. My link was removed by some editor. You wil notice that I've changed the headings on this blog and on my web-site. "Divine Science Today" -- what do these words mean? This is the inspiration, the idea revising my web-site and the writing I am looking forward to doing. Divine Science, the Omniscience of the one Mind, Truth is infinite and continuously demands "new paraphrase from the world of letters." Since Truth, Science is infinite it can't possibly be confined to an organization with a history and a dogma. Mistaking an old organization with the Science of one Ego is ended and I'm thrilled that my last thread of attachment to the old organization is snipped. It frees me to write about Divine Science Today.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Margaret Laird and John Dorsey

From my research into Scientific Metaphysics I have learned that Margaret Laird became acquainted with John Dorsey through a mutual friend. Their collaboration over many years evolved some interesting material. In my current view, Margaret Laird is the clearest voice of teaching the Science of metaphysics as the psychology of Spirit and John Dorsey represents to me a clear voice of psychology which evolved into profound spirituality. As I read them together, I keep finding in both of their work what Dorsey calls in his introduction to Illness or Allness: a "deep reverence for individuality." I think that is the premise of practice for today as it was in their day.