Tuesday, November 24, 2009


"The motive of science was the extension of man, on all sides, into Nature, till his hands should touch the stars, his eyes see through the earth, his ears understand the language of beast and bird, and the sense of the wind; and through his sympathy, heaven and earth should talk with him.  But that is not our science.
---Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, November 23, 2009

November-December Newsletter

While on my way to writing the November-December Newsletter for the DSW web-site I was asked to write some words to two inquirers.  One was a friend from my old Georgetown days when we were doing Centering Prayer meditation groups, and Joel Goldsmith study groups.  The other was from a scientist friend who sent me a couple of pages from a book by a scientist trying to present an opposing view to the "global warming" excitement, but who has been shouted down in scientific and political circles.  My response to the first friend is being edited and is 12 pages.  The second response is seven pages and is on the DSW web-site.  You might find it interesting.  It's where the Nov.-Dec. Newsletter was going to be.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Miracle Max Wisdom

Miracle Max:    "You rush a miracle man, you get rotten miracles."

"Rabbi - what must I do to inherit eternal life?"

"Not long ago Rabbi Gittleson wrote in the Saturday Review: 'We live at a time when knowledge is increasing with frightening rapidity...we must therefore rethink our ideas of God in a context that includes at once the biological discoveries of Darwin, the physical insight of Einstein, the psychological imperatives of Freud and who knows what new comprehension tomorrow.  This does not mean we have outgrown God or are abandoning Him.  Quite the contrary; it is those who insist on constraining God within a conceptual framework that is rapidly becoming meaningless, whom history will adjudge as abandoning Him.'"
-Christian Science Re-Explored (1965), pg. 20 - Margaret Laird


"You are ill: your natural instinct is to be well.  As we shall say many times in this book, you have this desire because Health, Wholeness is the Nature of Being.  In the recognition that if you are sick you are well, the wellness aspect of you will appear.  Sickness and wellness are not really contradictory states of being but are the Reality, Health, simultaneously being and not-being in the man-image. The natural instinct of the seed is to be the flower.  It has this instinct because the flower is its seed.  The self-concept, because the Self or I-ness is its existence, instinctively builds itself up and tears itself down.  As we cease to work against what we call evil or error, and work from the standpoint of the infinitude of Good, we shall find the Good to be the All of all."  - Margaret Laird, Christian Science Re-Explored, pg 6

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

from "Living Consciously: The Science of Self" -Dorsey/Seegers

"From the works of men who have studied human individuality, notably those of Freud, we have evolved for ourselves the following hypothesis which we have been subjecting to every conceivable test for its particular applicability: Everyone is grieviously ill on acccount of his limited self-appreciation and can become well only by extending the scope of his self-tolerance with self-love.  This hyposthesis passes every test.  It works.  It does not work only where it is not tried.  Its practicality and utility for everyday living is demonstrable in every instance of its application.  It is offered as the chief desideratum of a world constantly troubled by hot, or cold, warfare.  In the opposite direction, efforts at self-ignoration would reverse the life order and are helpfully signalized by inharmonious living, which leads to the misprision of life itself.  In view of its being a common addiction, self-disesteem is rated as being natural or healthy, but as anyone grows a fuller view of his wonderful creative power his life's all-precious worth becomes constantly self-evident."