Friday, May 23, 2014

Unless you see yourself treated contrary to the way you think you should be treated, your best efforts to "help" "another" repudiated, and are hurt and unhappy, how would you know that your are not being individual God-Mind-Self --the conscious identity of only Good is being -- manifested?  How would you know you are deluding yourself?
If you were living Life as Principle -- minding your own business, attending to the business at hand of being -- you would recognize the right of each absolute self/individual to act from her/his own standpoint of experience and not from yours.  You would have no opinion of how s/he should treat you.  When you see yourself rejected, criticized, condemned, even persecuted, frustrated and disappointed with your daily life - its people, events, circumstances, what you see is your own failure to be Mindful Man, self-consciously alive to your wholeness, divinity, perfection now.  Your own unlived Life is rising up and demanding that it be lived as impersonal unguided thinking, that is, as Principle instead of person.
   It goes pretty hard for the one who lives Life personally - ignorant of Life-Principle.  That one has mistaken a concept of self for the Self.  But the one who lives impersonally, without emotional attachments to a self-image, self-concept fabricated by society, family, religious group, etc., one who has understood that by basing living on the personal concept, one depersonalizes the Self and that this self-deprecation must show up in the mirror of relationships, sooner or later, that one understands the absolute necessity to give her/himself the freedom to be self-determining.  Giving others the right to self-realization in their own time and their own way, I am giving it to myself.  I am freeing myself.  Life is a joy to such a one.
   Living Life as the acknowledgment that only Good is being, in all ways,  means no emotional attachment to any concept, in the understanding that every concept of Reality is Reality coming to view and that all trouble is self-trouble coming from one's own point of view: either the personal (depersonalizing) view of being or the impersonal view.
   For the one whose religion is Science, enlightenment - the conscious experience of God from within and AS oneself - with no outside God, no outside authority, outside his/her own demonstrated being of Good, God, s/he demonstrates the science (religion) of human behavior -- the government of Principle instead of person.  In the understanding, that "God" is Truth- Principle - the law of self, the law of sanity, one becomes a law unto him/herself and the world of that one mirrors back the facts of being Spirit in human terms: health, wealth and happiness.  Self-government, self-control, self-discipline, self-direction, self-determining being, self-realized, that one lives his/her own lived Life, finds the cure for social ills and the problems of human relationships.  Loss turns itself into gain, hate turns itself into Love,  Truth - the all consuming fire turns itself into the all-preserving Presence.
   When Life brings you face to face with what you are doing to yourself by identifying with the personal point of view - instead of being the conscious identity of Good -- do not add to you troubles by turning away from the mirror or condemning the false self-belief.  Self-pity, self-justification, remorse, indignation belong to the personal concept and by trying to get rid of the false self concept/image you reinforce it, build it up, deepen it.
   Face it!  You may discover all kinds of things about the belief of self - you've taken as your Self -that you do not like - believing these are about your self - not the least of which that you are afraid of being alone, afraid to be yourself, afraid to think originally out from Mind, afraid to be the Perfection of being you are - afraid to be..." alone with one self, and the reality of things."

Margaret Laird paraphrased.

Monday, May 19, 2014

My father died two years ago.  It has been fascinating, when my psychic anchor gave way with his passing, to watch all that started coming up for re-processing.  It has been a challenging two years.  My father is no longer a frequent personal appearance in my consciousness, and yet all of the joys and pains I associated to him still live, and breathe and have their being in me.  Of course, "they" are me.  The horizontal, temporal experience of myself and my other named my Dad stopped, but the vertical still exists in me as me.  It's like a psychic elevator which goes up and down depending on my faithfulness to my living self-consciously.

The word 'veridical' is interesting.  It means coinciding with reality.  In my science of self-living consciously, my scientific metaphysics or spiritual rational/transactional analysis, which I have been growing for myself deliberately for 38 years,  this coinciding with reality is a synonymous phrase for "the human and divine coincidence" my Margaret Laird taught.  Her synonymous phrases for this event in and as individual conscious being one Mind unfolding infinite Good was "conscious identity, the infinite divine reflection, and one reciprocal being.

  A quote in my dictionary elucidating 'veridical' is "Perceptual error...has a surprising resemblance to veridical perception- F.A.Olafson" (1924-2012) professor of philosophy, UC, San Diego.  I agree.  Doesn't it?  Haven't you found this observation to be fascinating?  That the perception of reality and the perception of unreality have a surprising resemblance.

  I see my business as thinking.  I see my thinking as one Infinite Mind/Being itself.  Mind in order to be, at all, must DO something.  A mind that didn't do anything would be a non-entity.  Such a do nothing mind, my Mrs. Eddy called "mortal" and my Margaret Laird called "conditioned thinking."  Conditioned thinking is not-thinking pretending to be thinking.  This is the root of all the trouble we see, within ourselves subjectively, outside ourselves objectively, since when I am my perceptual error, when I am not busy Minding my business of being the thinking that is out from Mind, I am busy growing my "reptiles of the mind." (William Blake - Marriage of Heaven and Hell).

Now the experience of "delusional thinking" is one of the oldest recorded experiences of mankind, being on record in the Vedanta texts and familiar to those who study consciousness with me under various metaphors like "the ghost and the post."  The oldest "theory of perceptual error" comes from Vedanta, but it found its way into all the world's religious literature in a variety of forms which means that as my human being, I excel in the ways I deceive myself.

My mystic Joel Goldsmith, in a pamphlet entitled, "Call No Man on Earth your Father" - quoting the Jesus texts, was not my first experience of this idea that the father within me, or my subjective father-stuff must be kept clearly distinguished from my personification of it and projection onto my personal fathers- dad, boss, doctor, professor, etc.  My Jung studies came before that, teaching me to look at my father-complex and teach myself to live it consciously, so that the father archetype does not hide my access to the Self - the Archetype of archetypes - the God behind the gods - the Mind that is the "source and condition of all existence." (Eddy)  If I fall into an identification of a lesser archetype (god) - woe unto me, until I discover what I've done.

All of this is to say, dear reader, that in the last 6 months, having come through yet another cycle of re-working my father-stuff, I have put my website on hold having a growing dissatisfaction with my work there.  I have transferred my energy to this blog, which I've just renamed: and if you are interested, you will find me processing my stuff there.