Thursday, July 14, 2016

Awake to a Perfect Day

Sometimes the world seems upside down and backwards. Feeling off-balance has consequences, 
ramifying effects. Part of my self-conscious living practice is paying attention to my off-balance 
feelings and listening to them tell me what I need (usually it’s something which I don’t think I need.) “Nothing is either good or bad,” said Shakespeare,
“but thinking makes it so.”  
Thinking gets us into trouble more often than feeling does, especially when we do not trouble 
ourselves to think. We put our thinking on “auto-pilot” -- like the guy in his Tesla auto-car 
driving the interstate in Florida, and was watching a DVD. “It” auto-piloted him right into 
a semi-tractor trailer and he went on to his next life. Self unconscious living can only do so 
much and then it turns upside down and backwards taking “me” with it.
In the Science of metaphysical awareness, the thinking that is out from the one infinite 
divine Mind (formerly called “God”) my Mrs. Margaret Laird, writes: “When we quote, 
‘There is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so,’ we do not mean that the definitive 
point of view incidental to the belief of two minds (dualism) affects Reality, the Good. 
The concept of Good is relative to Good and is not good in its own right. Thinking in the 
belief of two minds creates a veil blinding us to Reality. Reality is not good-and-bad, 
true-and-false, simply because that is the point of view. It makes no difference whether 
we think constructively or destructively, positively or negatively about the human picture.  
The picture is Reality in the language of individual discernment. Forget the language and 
Reality will evolve new thought forms in which the positive and negative are reconciled.  
What seems to be, seems to be because Being is its existence. As Truth comes to the conscious 
level, it takes care of the “conscious and unconscious thoughts of mortals” -- 
the unexamined assumptions - that have conditioned our points of view.  
Let the divine oneness of Mind be your thinking (you) and you will walk the earth safe and 
secure, liberated from the belief that thinking is divided into good-and-bad,